Keara on the impact of team work habits

“People want to feel purpose and ownership in their work. By changing team habits for working we can start to build more belonging, engagement, and collaboration so people are better able to reach their full potential and organizations are able to achieve their goals.”

Keara on the impact of team habits on students

“Schools and districts across the country spend millions of dollars on a long list of programs and initiatives to improve student outcomes, yet are grateful to see academic gains of a couple percentage points. From our work with hundreds of schools and districts, we know there is a better way for teams to work together. Changing team habits for learning, meetings, and projects can lead to better academic results, greater teacher retention, and higher-quality school systems.”

About Keara

Keara Mascareñaz Managing Partner, Organizational Design at Education Elements. She helps schools and districts focuses build and scale a culture of innovation through leadership development, team habits, and human-centered organizational design.

Keara is the author of The New Team Habits: A Guide To The New School Rules and the toolkit creator for The New School Rules: 6 Vital Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools. She has supported systems change at 1,000 districts and schools in rural, urban, and suburban communities. Keara has been a keynote speaker for The Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents, TinyCon, iNACOL, District Administration Leadership Institute, Blended and Personalized Learning Conference, Personalized Learning Summit, and dozens of districts around the country.

Keara loves leading work that helps people feel a new sense of inspiration, belonging, connection, and purpose. She lives in Denver with her husband.

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Working with Keara

“Keara inspired us to rethink what innovation looked like in a traditional public school.  She cultivated our organizational passion and commitment in improving learning opportunities for students and staff.  She rocked our boat and we were never so happy to be uncomfortable.” – Ryan Russell, Assistant Superintendent at MSD of Warren Township, Indiana

“Keara has been instrumental in supporting our efforts in Greeley-Evans. Thanks to her we have learned how to facilitate design teams create and implement blended models specifically targeted to the needs of students. She provides thought partnerships when we encounter system tensions and works with us to provide targeted solutions. When I think back on our journey in Greeley-Evans, I know, we would not be making the difference for students that we are now without Keara’s support.” – Deagan Andrews, Director of Curriculum and Personalized Learning at Greeley-Evans School District 6

“Working with Keara helped bring tremendous clarity and organization to our work around personalized learning. Her ability to help our team think critically about our approach and ability to manage change has been invaluable.” – Steven Dunlap, Director, Innovation and Learner Engagement at Riverside Unified School District

“Keara is quick on her feet, no matter what we throw at her she is able to problem solve and give multiple options for how to move forward and resolve issues. Throughout our journey she taught, nudged, pushed, and pulled us at times to build a culture of innovation. The practices she modeled for us are utilized across our system at the district, school, and individual classroom level.” – Rindy Ward, Director of Learning Services at Yuma Elementary School District 1

Sample Keynote

The New Team Habits

For leaders who want help improving their teams, The New Team Habits: A Guide to the New School Rules provides a step-by-step guide for building habits that help teams be more successful.

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