The 3 New Team Habits

Three habits will help your team achieve better learning, meetings, and projects

Team Habits Can Transform Your Organization

In our work with hundreds of school districts, we often hear that districts have been implementing a variety of initiatives, only to plateau before achieving the transformation they are seeking. We’ve learned that HOW teams work together is just as important as WHAT initiatives schools and districts implement. We believe change begins with a single team and shifting their habits for working. This website and The New Team Habits book provide three team habits to support teams to build greater trust, deeper collaboration, and more effectiveness.

Your Training Plan

To begin implementing the three new team habits, we recommend setting up a training plan. Your team will need one month to learn and practice each habit, using the five steps of The SEPAD Method. You can download your copy of the training plan and purchase the book today to use as your step-by-step guide to SPARK inspiration, EXPAND your knowledge, PRACTICE the habit, APPLY the habit in real life, and DEBRIEF what worked, what didn’t, and what you want to try next.

1. Learning Habits

For responsive teams, learning is the engine that drives progress, effectiveness, and innovation. In education we use the word “learning” dozens of times a day but don’t often pause to think about what it takes to support people, especially our adult staff, as learners. When teams adopt the Learning Habit: We Talk About Mistakes, we begin to cultivate a culture of trust and belonging, a growth mindset, and psychologically safe spaces to share and learn from failures – the first step toward transformational change.

2. Meeting Habits

For many of us, meetings occupy the majority of our work day, yet when we ask teams to describe their meetings, we often hear they are disengaging, inefficient, or unnecessary. We have found that there is a better way to design and host meetings, which transforms them into powerful opportunities for sharing and collaboration. Meetings are a powerful place to change the way we engage and work with each other. When teams adopt the Meeting Habit: We Lead Check-Ins, teams will not only shift the way they begin their meetings, but ultimately improve the trust, engagement, and culture of that team.

3. Project Habits

Team projects are a part of our daily work. In fact, most districts have a myriad projects happening at any given time. Yet we often launch into projects without clearly communicating the purpose, goals, roles, or roadmap. By adopting the Project Habit: We Kick Off Work, teams can begin shifting the way projects progress, both at the start and during each new phase or sprint of work. This habit helps teams to create greater alignment, clarity, and shared purpose so that they can are moving toward the same goal, and better able to adjust their plan with agility as needed along the way.

Download the Training Plan

Download the training plan and start building team habits to make your learning, meetings and projects more responsive!

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