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Your team, like most, likely has ambitious goals. We can help you improve HOW your team works together to achieve the WHAT you hope to implement. From building greater trust and belonging, to developing specific practices for better meetings and projects, we can support you to build better team habits, culture, and work. Explore below to see some of the ways we can support your leaders, teams, and organization.

Our New Team Habits Webinar on Building New Team Habits: Moving from Theory to Practice

Benefits of Partnering With Us

By partnering with us to implement The New Team Habits you have access to our team of authors and expert facilitators, who collecting have worked with thousands of school, district, and education teams to improve their work practices. Our clients value not on the content we bring the way we model these team habits of trust, engagement, curiosity, collaboration, and fun in everything that we do. We always seek to understand your specific context and customize our approach and resources to your specific team and organizational needs. Reach out to find out more about our speakers, workshops, and expert consulting.

How to Partner with Us

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Whether it’s for a special event, start of the school year, or initiative launch, our keynotes will help inspire you and your team, make you laugh, and provide the actionable lessons.

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If you believe that your teams would benefit from an immersive experience to introduce the new team habits, shift mindsets, and build skills then our workshops might be the right place to start.

Learn how we can custom design a workshop to meet your needs.


Engage our consulting services to implement and scale the new team habits across your teams, with a grounding in best practices and customization to your unique context and goals.

Learn how our consulting services can create lasting change.

Speakers and Presenters

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Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Author & Speaker

Kawai Lai

Kawai Lai

Author & Illustrator

Keara Mascareñaz

Keara Mascareñaz

Author & Speaker

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