The New Team Habits

A guide for creating responsive teams based
on the best-selling book The New School Rules
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Why We Wrote This Book

We created this step-by-step guide because we found that although leaders often understand why new practices matter, they struggle to build buy-in, transfer knowledge to others, and make changes that are the right size—big enough to make an impact, but not so big as to overwhelm themselves or their teams. This guide is specifically focused on teams and helping them build habits as a unit, instead of as individuals. 

This guide focuses on the team-level change to build a foundation for lasting changes that you can spread across your organization and sustain in the future. The activities in the guide have been battle-tested as we facilitated learning and coaching for thousands of leaders and teams across the country.

Co-authors Anthony Kim,
Kawai Lai, and Keara Mascareñaz

The 3 New Team Habits

We focus on teams as the unit to drive change across your organization and specifically teach three habits, one for learning, meetings, and projects that are essential for your team’s everyday work


About the Book

The book is designed to be a step-by-step guide that your team can use to begin making changes to your learning, meetings, and project right away. Every chapter in the book includes interactive activities, frameworks, directions, time estimates, and additional resources to coach your team through making a change in their work habits.

Leadership has one responsibility: to grow your people. The three habits are steps to set those conditions. It’s really a simple equation . . . grow the people, the people grow the organization, and the organization grows the results.

Howard Behar
former President of Starbucks

This short, visual, and practical book will make you smile, think, work, and practice so you and your team get better and more responsive.

Tom Vander Ark
CEO of Getting Smart

Shared habits are at the root of culture, which makes The NEW Team Habits an excellent guide for building a strong team culture that delivers for our students. Far too few thought leaders pay enough attention to these operational questions. Bravo to Anthony Kim, Keara Mascareñaz, Kawai Lai, and Education Elements for digging in here.

Michael Horn
co-author of Choosing College and
Head of Strategy of The Entangled Group

This guide is a playbook, specifically focused on helping teams build habits as a collective unit, instead of as individuals. This step-by-step guide allows teams to practice battle-tested activities that will help them develop productive and practical habits of learning, meetings, and projects. Any team that works through this playbook will come out as a more effective and productive team on the other side!

Jaime Casap
Google Education Evangelist

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are a high priority for many districts across the country. A genuine commitment and a strong understanding of how to secure the presence of these tenets in the teaching and learning landscape will continue to be at the center stage of visionary and innovative strategic plans. The NEW Team Habits has the potential to provide actionable approaches to making equity, diversity, and inclusion part of our daily practice.

Jose Dotres
Chief Human Capital Officer of
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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